The SURE (Science Undergraduate Research Experience) Network was established in December 2016 by a community of institutions interested in enhancing practice in undergraduate research in the Sciences. On 28th September 2018, the SURE Network ran its first series of regional undergraduate conferences in the Sciences, in Athlone, Dublin and Waterford. The second series of conferences will run on 27th September 2019, in Dublin, Carlow and Sligo. The SURE Network’s undergraduate journal‘s first issue will be published in 2019.

The SURE Network was awarded “Best Academic Partnership” at the 2019 Education Awards.




16th October 2019 – The SURE_J Journal is making an impact!

4th October 2019 – Read the Press Release about last week’s conferences and journal launch. Minister Mary Mitchell O’Connor described the SURE Network and Conferences as a “shining example of the sector working together to share experiences and to build capacity”, that “complements [her] ambition as the Minister with responsibility for Higher Education to put the student at the epicentre of everything that we do”.

27th September 2019 – The SURE 2019 conferences in Carlow, Dublin and Sligo ran today, with fascinating and engaging presentations delivered at all three venues. Minister for Higher Education, Mary Mitchell O’Connor, spoke at the closing of the Dublin conference about the importance of our SURE Network.

27th September 2019 – The SURE_J Undergraduate Research Journal was launched, with six excellent papers in the first issue. All of these papers were first presented by recent graduates at the SURE 2018 Conference, based on their undergraduate research. See the launch video below.

31st May 2019 – Two papers were presented at EdTech 2019 by members of the SURE Network. Therese Montgomery presented on the Curriculum project (SURE Curriculum Poster – EdTech 2019). Anne Marie O’Brien presented on Digital Badges (Digital Badges Presentation – EdTech 2019).

13th April 2019 – Paper accepted for The Future of Education Conference, Florence, Italy, in June 2019

Anne Marie O’Brien (AIT), will present her paper about Digital Badges and the SURE Network,  Harnessing the Power of Digital Badges to Help Create Future Ready Graduates (See Poster), at The Future of Education Conference, that will take place in Florence on 27th and 28th June 2019.

21st February 2019 – SURE Network Winner of Best Academic Partnership at 2019 Education Awards

The SURE Network was this evening awarded “Best Academic Partnership” at the 2019 Education Awards (2019 Education Awards – Archived Here), following a submission by the 2018 National Conference Organising Committee. This is welcome recognition for the excellent work carried out by the National Conference Organising Committee (chaired by Julie Dunne, with Therese Montgomery, Anne Marie O’Brien and Claire Lennon) and all the other committees and partners involved in the 2018 SURE Conferences.

12th December 2018 – SURE Network shortlisted for Education Awards for 2018 Conference Series

The SURE Network is delighted to announce that it has been shortlisted for the 2019 Education Awards, in the Best Academic Partnership category. The Network is being considered for the award for its hosting of the 2018 SURE Conference series, which included conferences in Dublin, Athlone and Waterford.

20th November 2018 – SURE Conference Poster presented at National Conference

The SURE Network Chairperson Ciarán O’Leary is today presenting a poster detailing activities of the SURE Network at today’s conference on Best Practice in Student-Centred Approaches in Education & Training, hosted by QQI at Dublin Castle. The poster, available here, details the work undertaken by the SURE Network in three areas: undergraduate research conference, undergraduate research journal, and curriculum project.

28th September 2018 – SURE 2018 Inaugural Conferences take place

Today saw the launch of the three SURE 2018 conferences, in DublinAthlone and Waterford. Our thanks to all our presenters, organisers, sponsors, and supporters. Thanks in particular to Minister Kevin “Boxer” Moran for opening the conference series with a presentation at the Athlone Conference.