SURE Network Student Survey

Through this (3-4 minute) survey we hope to evaluate student awareness of research practices/opportunities in science nationally, as well as student expectations with regards to their final year undergraduate research project.

Final year students on Science programmes are asked to complete the survey here.

Objectives of Curriculum Project

There is substantial diversity in the practices of embedding research in the undergraduate curriculum in the Sciences. The primary means for embedding research is through the Final Year Project, but this is simply one of a vast array of means through which undergraduate students can be introduced to research skills and practice.

The objectives of the SURE Network, from a curriculum development perspective, are

  • To develop models for the integration of the undergraduate conference and the undergraduate journal in the undergraduate curriculum.
  • To survey SURE Network members regarding undergraduate research models (e.g. implementation of final year projects, incorporation of research at earlier stages of programme).
  • To investigate undergraduate research models being implemented nationally and internationally (e.g. those set out in the UCL Connected Curriculum).
  • To research and develop models, guidelines and recommendations for undergraduate programme teams where seeking to further integrate research in their curriculum.