Welcome to SUREbyts

SUREbyts is a digital resource through with students in the early years of their undergraduate studies can engage with the research that is being undertaken by professional scientists and postgraduate research students. Students and their lecturers can select videos from our database for use in class, or in their own time.

Each short video, called a SUREbyt, introduces a researcher who presents a problem related to their research. Students are invited to consider a number of possible solutions to the problem before the researcher explains their preferred solution.

The development of the resource has been carried out by the SURE Network and is funded by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education through the Network and Discipline Fund. The project team members are listed here.

Please choose the appropriate section below to continue using SUREbyts. Separate sections are provided for students, lecturers and researchers.

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If you are a student, we invite you to browse through the listing of SUREbyt videos.

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If you are a lecturer, we invite you to browse through the listing of SUREbyt videos and consider using these in your class.

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If you are a researcher, we would like to invite you to author a SUREbyt video.

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