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The SURE (Science Undergraduate Research Experience) Network was established in December 2016 by a community of higher education institutions interested in enhancing practice in undergraduate research in the Sciences. On 28th September 2018, the SURE Network ran its first series of regional undergraduate conferences in the Sciences, in Athlone, Dublin and Waterford. The second series of conferences ran on 27th September 2019, in Dublin, Carlow and Sligo.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions on 16th October 2020 the SURE Network ran the third in this conference series online, co-ordinated through ATU – Galway, TU-Dublin and MTU – Cork .  On the 1st October 2021, the fourth national conference series SURE Virtual also took place online, co-ordinated through SETU-Waterford, TUS- MMW (Athlone) and Dundalk IT.   This years annual SURE Network conference will take place face to face across two venues (TU Dublin and SETU- Carlow) on the 14th October 2022.

Register for the 2022 SURE Network Undergraduate Research Conference


The fourth issue of the SURE Network’s undergraduate research journal, SURE-J will publish in December 2022.

SURE-J is now:
  • accepting paper submissions for expert reveiw from all final year STEM students who wish to publish a paper on their final year project work (students do not need to have attended a SURE conference to have their work considered)
  • SURE-J now accepts submissions for review from wet (lab based) projects and dry projects (data analysis, review, qualitative assessments etc)
  • SURE-J will be accepting submissions based on project work completed in the academic years 2020-2022 for the 2022 December edition. This submission deadline is Nov 4th 2022 through the SURE-J arrow page.
For any queries, please contact SURE-J editor Dr Anne Friel at


2021 saw the launch of the SUREbyts project in which a collection of videos featuring active researchers have been developed for year 1 and year 2 undergraduate students. These resources can be accessed by both students and lecturers here and are an excellent tool to use in the classroom for the development of critical thinking skills and research awareness.


Best Academic Partnership

The SURE Network was awarded “Best Academic Partnership” at the 2019 Education Awards.