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Adriana Neves, Bioplastics

In this video, Dr Adriana Neves, a Biochemist from Institute of Technology, Carlow, asks What applications of bioplastics should Scientists focus on first?



Ciara Davis, Feeding Martian Colonies

In this video, Ciara Davis, a postgraduate researcher from Limerick Institute of Technology asks How are we going to feed Martian colonies?



Jade Stanley, Bioplastics

In this video, Jade Stanley, a postgraduate researcher from Institute of Technology, Carlow asks How would you test the environmental impact of new bioplastics?



Michelle Giltrap, Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

In this video, Dr Michelle Giltrap, an Environmental Scientist from Technological University Dublin asks What are the main sources of endocrine disrupting chemicals, and why?



Yahaya Jebril Amanor, Microbial Growth Strategies

In this video, Yahaya Jebril Amanor, a postgraduate student from Waterford Institute of Technology asks How can we ensure sustainable nitrogen supply from soil organic matter?



Khadija Hafeez, Smart Grid Privacy

In this video, Khadija Hafeez, a postgraduate student in Munster Technological University asks How should we protect consumer privacy in a smart grid?



Ryan Smazal, Lakes from the Past

In this video, Ryan Smazal, a postgraduate student in Dundalk Institute of Technology asks What can we analyse to learn about the past environment of lakes?



Gordon Chambers, Microplastics

In this video, Professor Gordon Chambers, a researcher in Technological University Dublin asks What is the solution to the microplastic problem?



Chris O’Malley, Investing in Research in Ireland

In this video, Dr Chris O’Malley, Vice President for Research Innovation & Engagement at the Institute of Technology, Sligo asks What would motivate multinational companies to relocate Research and Development to Ireland?