Community of Practice

There are four Communities of Practice for which resources are provided. This is the page for projects that are Qualitative Research and Quantitative/Survey-based Research Projects. The other communities of practice are listed here.

Resources for this Community of Practice

  1. Julie Dunne – Introduction to Qualitative Research
  2. Julie Dunne Presentation on Qualitative Research Methods [Alternative Link]
  3. Medicins Sans Frontiers, Introduction to Qualitative Research Methodology
  4. Patricia Heavey – Survey-Based Research Presentation (Recording) [Alternative Link]
  5. Academic Paper: Nartey et al., Nutritional Management of Cirrhosis Patients Questions for Semi-Structured Interview
  6. Questions for Semi-Structured Interview

Sample Dissertations

  1. Amany Aly, Acrylamide Awareness and Related Domestic Food Practices among the Residents of the Republic of Ireland
  2. Anon, An Assessment of the Protective Measures Implemented in the Workplace during COVID19
  3. Anon, The Self-Management of Fatigue in Train Drivers
  4. Clare Fagan, An Investigation of Allergen Management and Awareness within the Food Industry – A Comparative Study
  5. Damian O’Sullivan, Developing a Certification Programme for Installers for Onsite Sewage Systems
  6. Kristina Leontjevaite, An Investigation of Particulate Matter Exposure on Different Pedestrian Routes and Times of the Day
  7. Laura Delaney, Examination of Allergen Awareness and Associated Practices in the Healthcare Environment
  8. Shauneen Kerrigan, An Investigation of the Compliance of Health Claims made on Green or Herbal Tea Packaging Found in Ethnic Shops in North Dublin