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Tony Woodcock, Crop Yield

In this video, Dr Tony Woodcock, an Agricultural Scientist from Waterford Institute of Technology, asks What should we be trying to do to optimise the yield of crops in Ireland and to introduce more break crop options?



Ciara Davis, Feeding Martian Colonies

In this video, Ciara Davis, a postgraduate researcher from Limerick Institute of Technology asks How are we going to feed Martian colonies?



Eliza Dimla, Medically Diagnosed Food Allergies

In this video, Eliza Dimla, a postgraduate students from Technological University Dublin asks What was ranked as most important by people suffering from Medically Diagnosed Food Allergies (MDFA)?



Peter Myintzaw, Milk Contamination

In this video, Peter Myintzaw, a postgraduate student from Munster Technological University asks What is the best method for monitoring milk contamination?