The Science Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Network was established in 2016 by a community of Irish institutions interested in enhancing practice in undergraduate research in the Sciences. The SURE Network aims to enhance practice through dissemination of best practice, and implementation of workshops, conferences and an undergraduate journal. The SURE Network is a disciplinary network and member of the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.


The purpose of the SURE Network is: to form a community of institutions and people interested in enhancing practice in undergraduate research in the Sciences.


The objectives of the SURE Network are:

  1. To provide a shared space where resources can be exchanged, disseminated and stored for use by others.
  2. To form a community where connections can be formed on a national and/or regional basis to enable the establishment of inter-institutional initiatives e.g. undergraduate conferences.
  3. To provide a platform which can collectively apply for sponsorship, funding etc where appropriate.


The activities of the SURE Network are:

  1. Conferences: Starting in 2018, the SURE Network will implement a series of regional undergraduate conferences in the Sciences. Three regional Science Undergraduate Research Conferences are planned to take place in September 2018, showcasing the research work undertaken by Final Year students on science programmes who are completing their studies in June 2018. Final year students will form the audience for the regional conferences, at which the presenters are their counterparts from the previous year. More information…
  2. Workshops: Workshops will be offered to final year students as part of each of the regional conferences. These workshops will help motivate and prepare final year students for their final year project by providing them with resources and guidance on conducting high quality research. These workshops will also guide students who are considering undertaking research careers.
  3. Journal: The best papers from the conferences will be invited to submit a paper to an Undergraduate Research Journal, which will be published online and edited by the SURE Network.
  4. Curriculum Development: The SURE Network is committed to researching and developing models for the effective integration of research into the undergraduate curriculum in the Sciences. More information…

Institutional Membership

The SURE Network is comprised of representatives of the following Higher Education Institutes in Ireland:

    1. Athlone Institute of Technology
    2. Cork Institute of Technology
    3. Dundalk Institute of Technology
    4. Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology
    5. Institute of Technology, Carlow
    6. Institute of Technology, Sligo
    7. Technological University Dublin
    8. Waterford Institute of Technology

    Committee Structure

    The SURE Network has the following committee structure:

    • SURE Network National Committee
    • SURE Network National Programme Committee
    • SURE Network National Conference Committee
    • SURE Network Local Programme Committees
    • SURE Network Local Conference Committees
    • SURE Network Undergraduate Journal Committee
    • SURE Network Curriculum Development Committee

    Further information is available in the Committees section is this site.