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Óran Meighan (Technological University of the Shannon), Lynn Allen, “Irish clinicians’ knowledge and confidence in diagnosing, risk factors and prognosis of Patellofemoral pain”



PFP (Patellofemoral pain) is pain around or behind the patella, aggravated by movements that load the patellofemoral joint during weight bearing1. PFP is a common knee condition, with numerous risk factors and unfavourable outcomes measures2. Irish clinicians’ knowledge and confidence in PFP is unknown.


To evaluate Irish HCP’s clinicians, knowledge and confidence in diagnosis, risk factors and prognosis of PFP in line with current practice guidelines (CPG) and compared to international standards. Methods: This cross-sectional online survey was adapted and consisted of 35 questions with a mix of Likert-based (n=23) and yes/no questions (n=3)3.


The survey was sent to licensed/registered Physiotherapists and Athletic Therapists practising within Ireland, 52 complete responses were recorded (4% response rate).


Online survey.

Outcome Measure

Clinicians responded to Likert-based and yes/no questions on their knowledge and confidence in diagnosing, risk factors and prognosis of PFP and compared to CPG and consensus statements.


93% of clinicians were confident in managing PFP, with 88% able to diagnose PFP, but identifying risk factors was challenging; only 60% agreed with risk factors. Furthermore, only 54% of clinicians agreed with the prognosis of PFP, and their beliefs on prognosis items did not align with CPG.


Irish clinicians’ knowledge and confidence in PFP align with CPG and are on par with international standards, but a lack of awareness around risk factors and prognosis of PFP exists. Indicating the need for further education on risk factors and the prognosis of PFP.


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