Paper Authors and Title

Eamon Slevin (Technological University Dublin), Nina Lyons, “Exploring Trim Castle, An Augmented Reality Experience”


This project is an educational Augmented Reality (AR) app for an immersive journey through Trim Castle’s history. Utilising AR technology for mobile devices, the app allows users to explore the castle while learning about its captivating past. The app features a virtual tour guide, that takes the form of Hugh De Lacy, the original owner of the castle.

The research aims to showcase the transformative potential of AR in cultural heritage sites and its ability to enrich classroom learning, fostering deeper connections with historical artefacts and locations.

To ensure accurate and authentic AR content, primary research was conducted, including interviews with a local historian, on-site visit to Trim Castle to survey the site and capture photographs and videos of the architecture to ensure realistic creation of 3D assets. Secondary research involved consulting historical books and academic papers. These approaches ensured the app provided users with a comprehensive representation of Trim Castle’s history.

The key message is the transformative potential of AR technology in engaging with cultural heritage sites. Seamlessly blending the physical and digital realms, the app allows users to experience the castle from two different time periods while acquiring knowledge in an engaging way. The project showcases AR’s educational value and its ability to enhance exploration and understanding of historical sites.

In summary, this project is an example of an educational AR app for exploring Trim Castle’s history. More importantly, it highlights the potential of AR to revolutionise cultural heritage engagement, providing users with interactive and immersive learning experiences.


Download and view Eamon Slevin’s slides.